5th Reading

I always thought that school curricula were developed by teachers. I always thought that it always had to be just the teachers because they are the ones that are teaching but it turns out no. A huge part of the curricula is developed by people that are just in the upper hand and that have more control in the education system. What really surprised me was that the whole curricula is opinion based on what is important and what is not. The people that are going to need the curricula the most are the students but the thing is that students are not asked anything about the curricula or what they would want to learn or what they’re lacking in for learning. I am not saying that we do whatever the students want but i do believe they have a say in part of it. Curricula seems to me more like a business than actually trying to spread knowledge to the schools. I am seeing more of “which textbooks are purchased more” rather than “which textbook is more useful.” I believe that there should be more teacher and student involvement in the curricula if we actually want to see a difference in the curricula and education system.


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