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Second reading:


  1. a) One way how the Tyler rationale is related to my schooling is that I would see they would have one main goal they want to reach in the curriculum. That is good to have a goal but at the same time it leads to many other things that are forgotten that teachers should also focus on. Since teachers are alway every busy they won’t have time to think of those forgotten details especially if there is this one goal they need to achieve in the curriculum.
  2. b) The limitations it had was it didn’t really give a clear idea of what should be done. There were main points that were stated but at the same time there are many other things that are related to that that i believe should be mentioned for a teacher to accomplish with her/ his students. Some expectations can’t apply on every student or even schools so that would be the main issue for that.
  3. c) the positive outcomes that i saw from it was that it lead teachers to think outside the box too. Yes it did give basic tasks but at the same time naturally a teacher would want o know more and try a different way so it would help teacher spring up new creative way of teaching or improving the curriculum. In general it does help a teacher in many ways and in that case that means we can see improvement in the near future hopefully.


Third reading:


I chose the quote from Grundy (1987 : 105)

It makes it possible because both learners and teachers are always learning together and it is the teachers job to get them ready in the real world but the one thing that is impossible to do is to make every single student do what the quote is saying. Not every student thinks the same and some learn differently, a teacher can’t change every student in just nine months. I feel this quote is saying that both teachers and students struggle and that is why we need to be there for each other and show the students how to get over their oppression. This is related to curriculum because any thing students take this quote can apply to it. These are things that are related to our everyday life and it would be useful for students to learn and teachers to teach because when teachers teach they are also learning about different cases that they are going through with each student.


Fifth reading:



I always thought that school curricula were developed by teachers. I always thought that it always had to be just the teachers because they are the ones that are teaching but it turns out no. A huge part of the curricula is developed by people that are just in the upper hand and that have more control in the education system. What really surprised me was that the whole curricula is opinion based on what is important and what is not. The people that are going to need the curricula the most are the students but the thing is that students are not asked anything about the curricula or what they would want to learn or what they’re lacking in for learning. I am not saying that we do whatever the students want but i do believe they have a say in part of it. Curricula seems to me more like a business than actually trying to spread knowledge to the schools. I am seeing more of “which textbooks are purchased more” rather than “which textbook is more useful.” I believe that there should be more teacher and student involvement in the curricula if we actually want to see a difference in the curricula and education system.


Tenth reading:


  1. a) I was always taught that if you want to be rich and successful then you have to study a lot. I was never taught taught that we should do what is best for us or most importantly know how to make a difference in this world. The bias that i always had was that if you have more education then you are better than someone that early has an education and that is only because that is what i was taught in school. I think a good way to unlearn this is sharing our experiences and and proving to the younger generation to how this is all wrong.
  2. b) In the stories we took in school it was alway about the British and how they were the heroes. It wouldn’t say it in an obvious way rather it would be in a subtle way. When it came to who’s truth mattered it was always the text because that is where we get all our knowledge from. Sadly the text could say anything but we still saw it as the truth.


















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